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July 22, 2012

My Ah Hah Moment

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On July 3, 2012, I had an epiphany.  Looking back, I really like the timing.  On the Eve of the celebration of Independence & Freedom, I reached the point that would give me back my independence & freedom.

For a long time, I had a person in my life that put me down and criticized me.  Since this person meant a lot to me at the time, I tried my best to be the person they thought I should be.  Six years after they ceased to be important to me on a conscious level, their opinion has finally ceased to be important on an unconscious level.

From the time I got my license, I would fearlessly go where I had not gone before.  All I needed were directions or a map and I was on my way (note that this was before the invention of the GPS).  The me who was told repeatedly that they got lost all the time rarely exceeded the approximately 10 mile radius of their comfort zone.

I was never a dramatic cook.  I’m too literal and so follow the recipe precisely.  My food usually turned out bland or over-spiced.  After enough “don’t ever make this again” comments, I quit trying.  Precision works well when baking so I continued to bake until I heard enough “don’t you think you need to lose weight” remarks.

I’ve struggled with keeping a job since re-entering the workforce.  I’m beginning to think that the reason I’ve struggled is because I’m hearing Negative Ned telling me “you are such a job gypsy” and “your degree is worthless because you have no skills.”

Now you know my mindset on July 3.  I was driving in my car down Groesbeck, headed to Popeye’s for some shrimp.  I was disappointed and wanted to treat myself to some comfort food (and yes I know that eating for comfort is as much to blame for my current weight as the comments in my head).  As I was driving, I was reviewing my disappointment, and suddenly a light bulb went on in my head.  As Bishop Fick used to say, I had an Ah Hah Moment.

My Ah Hah Moment was that, as long as I let this downbeat person’s opinion of me shape who I am, I am going to just shuffle through life, existing instead of living and drowning in disappointment.  Well, NO MORE!  I decided right then and there that I was taking back my life.

The next week, my friends “Mitchell” & “Michelle” came to town (names changed to protect the innocent).  Mitchell would be spending his days in training for work but Michelle wanted to have some fun.  I figured out how to get over to her hotel to pick her up and we headed to the beach.  Hello, not difficult since I have a navigation program on my Droid.  And since I had gotten lost on the way to a winterguard show in March, I was able to say “nope, not that way” when the navigator starting taking us in circles.  Now, I’m probably the only person to get lost in Kensington Metro Park (it’s pretty much a big circle) but we just looked at it as an adventure.  And when we tired of the beach, we extended our adventure into discovering downtown Milford (which I had seen on that same fateful “Girlfriend, you be lost” winterguard trip).

The next day, Michelle came over to my “side of town” and we had a blast.  No chance of getting lost that day.  Michelle navigated her first round-about & her first Michigan Left like a pro.  She also discovered the joy that is Meijer.

Finally, for her last day of Detroit “vacation”, I drove back to her hotel in Livonia and we headed downtown.  Again, I managed to get a little turned around (twice) but it wasn’t the catastrophe I had been led to expect and we had a fantastic time.  We played the slots at the Greektown Casino, rode the People Mover and walked the River Walk.  We had coneys (another first for Michelle) at American Coney Island (voted #1 on the Food Network and the Travel Channel) and ended the day with delectable treats at Astoria Bakery.  This was success for a woman who had been afraid to drive out of her comfort zone just a week before.

Now I’m tackling cooking, with the help of Pinterest and my youngest daughter.  We have quite a few successes.  I was going to list them here but instead I’ll attempt to put a link to my Pinterest board “Tried & Tasted Yummies for the Tummy”.  That way it will hopefully stay updated as I try new recipes & move them from my “Untried Yummies for the Tummy” board.


So here we are, less than a month from my epiphany.  I am having a great time rediscovering myself.  Stay tuned for more of the New Me.



  1. “Michelle and Mitchell” loved your blog!!! In fact, Michelle was so happy that she could be part of your transformation! I think Michelle needs to come back again so we can have more adventures and leave Mitchell to his meetings!!!!!!

    Comment by Mary — July 22, 2012 @ 9:37 pm | Reply

    • Absolutely! So much more we could do!

      Comment by my3daughters — July 22, 2012 @ 9:57 pm | Reply

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