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November 15, 2010

Each & Every One–Pepsi Refresh Projects

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If you are friends with me on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the Pepsi Refresh links I’ve posted on my wall.  Pepsi allows us to vote on different ideas every month and they support the ones in each category that get the most votes.

You can sign up through Facebook.  Just go to http://www.refresheverything.com/.  They allow you to vote for 10 ideas a day. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can sign up directly through Pepsi Refresh.

What I do is make a bookmark folder called Pepsi Refresh.  On the first of the month I choose my ten ideas for the month & bookmark them.  Then each day I got to that bookmark folder and vote.  Mozilla Firefox allows me to choose to open all the links in any given folder at one time.  It takes just minutes out of my day.  I can so give a few minutes each day to something I believe in.

In December, my friends Gene & Sharon Nifong will have an idea up for vote.  They need each and every one of us to vote for them each & every day in December.  They run a group foster home called David’s House Ministries.  On December 1, I will post the link to their idea.  I am asking each and every one of you to commit to voting for their idea each day in December.

As for the other 9 votes you get each day–what is your passion?  Books for needy children? Military needs? Domestic Abuse? Anti-Bully?  Music?  Trust me, if you have a passion, it’s on there.  I think it’s fabulous that Pepsi not only gives back to the community but allows us to have a voice in where they help.

So please, register with Pepsi Refresh now so that you can vote for David’s House in December.  I am asking you to commit to voting for David’s House each day in December.  Gene has assigned me to get Michigan voting.  I’m going beyond that & asking everyone I know to vote, even if you don’t live in Michigan.

In addition, I’d love it if you would pass this idea on to all your friends & ask them to get involved.  1 vote in December for David’s House Ministries, 9 votes for something YOU are passionate about.  Feel free to share your favorites with me in return.  I’ve got 9 votes up for grabs in December so far.

Finally, please pray for the Nifongs and David’s House Ministries.  You can do a search on Facebook for David’s House Ministries & like them to get the latest updates & prayer requests.


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